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About Guided Tours at Vauban

Vauban is a one-of-a-kind district

New urbanic areas mostly are planned on the green table. And so they looked like: uniformity, missing fantasy and variety. Lateron users are forced to arrange theirselves – may be things are usefully, not practical or in worst case disturbing!

At Vauban everthing is different! The roots you find in its history. Vauban is a conversion venture. Some of the old barracks were saved and integrated into the sustainable pilot project. After the troop withdrawal citizens got involved with the future of Vauban and they defined the face of the district. The traffic system, the market place an the citizens center are belonging to their success.

How is the feeling of living in Vauban, how stood the tests of the sustainable concepts, how the plannings and the realization processes  became effective operation? Many people are interested in answers to these questions. So they visit the model district to learn more about Vauban: Pupils, students, engineers, majors, architects, house builders and many others.

Incoming callings are not only coming from the inside country, Vauban is recognized all over the world. Since the EXPO in Shanghai 2010 there is a intensivation of this process. Guests and visitors are belonging to the everyday life of Vauban.

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